VHS Conversion

Many people have found that their VCR is either outdated or broken and would like to change their VHS memories into DVD’s.

We offer an economical service to accomplish this, and can use a VHS, 8mm, or Hi-8 video tape, mini dv, 3/4” or Beta SP as the master tape.

We can combine tapes to get up to 6 hours on each DVD disc master. We can also transfer your audio tape to a CD master for you.

No job is too big or too small.

Please note that we cannot transfer copywrited material.

[box type=”shadow”]P55-USB-230-100pUSB Duplicators

With a wide selection of state-of-the-art USB duplication equipment, H&W is the mid-south’s leading distributor.

USB drives are fast-becoming a common form of media. Send that smart message to your customers by distributing your next release on USB drives!

[/box][box type=”shadow”]Bluray Duplication by H&W Distribution by H&W DistributionBluray DVD Burners

Blu-ray is the new format for high-definition DVD. We stock several new Blu-ray DVD burners and duplicators.

H&W has machines for small automated runs and also offers a selection expandable Blu-ray towers from MicroBoards can burn several hundred DVDs each run.